Dear readers,
In case you haven't realised, I've already moved on to another blogging platform.

I'm leaving my archives here, instead of deleting my posts, because basically, I've got nothing to be ashamed about and I'd like to keep some memories. I've already deleted my end of Sec 1 to early Sec 3 posts because they were just majorly disgusting.

Some of you guys, may have jumped to conclusions, bad or not, based on what I've been posting and here's to those who have been bitching behind my back.

I don't need you to tell me what's right or wrong, or how to lead my life. D'you really think that I care if you're saying stuff behind my back, based on what you see here anyway?

If you don't like the way I live my life, or have different views from I do, then you can just leave and not read about my life. Or maybe you're just jealous of my life, dude(s). I don't see the need to answer to you. I'm not living my life for you insignificant people, who derive pleasure from talking behind other people's backs. If you really are unhappy and wanna voice out your unheard comments, you can jolly well do so in my face.

Plus I don't see why you guys should criticise me, my morals etc. What, so you guys (probably I don't know who you are, too insignificant for me to know/remember) have now assume an authoritative role and decide to dictate what I should do?

Don't make me laugh.

And to those, who are supportive, and have always been here for me, thanks a lot guys. Mega loves :D